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How to Create the Perfect Unboxing Experience?

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Jennifer Alex
Written by Jennifer Alex

There are countless ways to make your eyelash packaging box stand above the rest. That said, having an eye-catching packaging doesn’t mean the box provides a perfect unboxing experience.

So stuffing your goods in plain, brown boxes will not help much. The design and presentation of products matter a lot.

Below are some useful tips to help you create the perfect unboxing experience.

Engage The Human Senses

To create a killer unboxing experience, you need to engage the human senses. When shoppers are in a brick and mortar store, their senses are involved in buying experience.

Their eyes see how the products are being displayed, nostrils are picking up various scents, and ears are picking up the background music. And let’s not forget they can physically touch and discern the texture of various items in the store.

It’s almost impossible to imitate an in-store shopping experience. Yet, you can still engage your target audience by trying to appeal to their senses.

By adding textures to your eyelash packaging box, you can make the packing more playful. And of course you want your product to stand out, it will help you leave a lasting impression. But make sure the eyelashes are thoughtfully arranged inside the box and not just casually thrown in there.

Personalize the Unboxing Experience

Who doesn’t want to be appreciated? It’s essential that you must appreciate your customers. It can be as easy as acknowledging a prior order or using their name. If they are your loyal customers, you can always include a coupon to offer amazing discounts on future purchases.

Before you ship the package, give it a personal touch and make your customers feel special. You can also update them about the status of their order, like when the package was shipped and is expected to arrive. Customers appreciate such communication.

Even a simple email can make buyers look favorably on your business.

Use an Innovative Packaging Solution

Let’s be honest, no one will be excited to open a no-frills and boring package. Make it intriguing, so your packaging will stick in your audience’s minds.

To begin with, come up with a unique branded eyelash packaging box. Have your logo printed on your box or use more economical options, like logo stickers or logo stamp.

Mind you, it’s about customer experience. So build up excitement and make the individual doing the unboxing take his or her time. Include an element of surprise, like decorate it a little to make it gift-like.

Make sure to add fillers for added style and protection. Since you deal in eyelashes, use fillers like tissue paper or paper sleeves, which can amp up the excitement. If necessary, you can also give buyers tips for the perfect unboxing.

But don’t overdo it. Because customers hate undue waste.

It Should be Easy-to-Open

Ever excitedly unboxed a package only to realize your long-awaited product is wrapped in heavy plastic that’s nearly impossible to free? I think a lot of us have had such an experience. But the worst thing is the product is not worth the frustration of opening.

This can cease potential customers from placing orders with your business. So no matter what business or box type you may have; make sure to secure your product during delivery, but your packaging should be easy-to-open.

No one wants a packing that needs Jaws of Life to open. Cardstock boxes that are offered by The Legacy Printing are perfect to encase false eyelashes. These boxes offer excellent protection, eye-catching design, and most importantly provide easy access to the product.

Surprise Your Customers with Freebies

Your customers will be thrilled to see a free surprise gift along with the product. And it doesn’t have to be big. Here are some freebie items you can include:

Discount coupons: Offer a discount on the purchase of two or more products, which can lead more sales.

Logo stickers: Your customers can stick it on their laptops or can slap it on their ride. It all leads to free advertising.

User Instruction Manual: Since you deal in eyelashes, try sliding in a paper with how-to-instructions.

Including a small freebie is a great way to create hype and get some extra bang for your buck. It can be judged from the fact that a simple bookmark has turned the tables around for businesses.   

Convince them to Share:

Promoting social media shares is something that can help you create brand awareness and boost your sales. It’s important to encourage your customers to share their unboxing videos and or pictures.

Because some buyers may not think to post their experience on social websites. However, if you can convince them, it can work wonders.

Don’t forget to use hashtags or add URLs to promote sharing and get the conversation started.

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